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Setting up a CVS server for the BlackBox project

Following the previous posts in this category you will notice that I was using Sourceforge.net as the code hosting. We had to change that because we really didn’t want to share every bit of code. ( A big sorry to open source developers. I am truly a sell out. ) So had to set up CVS server. Never done that before. Should probably add it to my CV. Anyways to business.

How to set up a CVS server using SSH :

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Installing Ångström Linux on BeagleBoard

We have been able to install Ångström Linux to our beagle board. Ran into couple problems. The first one was we trusted BeagleBoard Beginners wiki just too much!!

You see we learned that we should NOT set any environment variables while using demo u-boot image which was downloaded from here. In fact what we did is we created our own Ångström image (from Ångström site) and simply installed that to our Linux partition of our SDHC card. And it worked beautifully. Though I must say first boot is a drag, very very slow.

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Workflow of the BlackBox System and Connecting in Two Steps (Python+SSH)

If you have been following this blog you probably knew that this post was coming. I have been able to use SSH and Python together with some dependencies. These dependencies are Paramiko from http://www.lag.net/paramiko/ and a python sript (which I had to edit more on that later) which was written by Zeth from  http://commandline.org.uk.

In this short time using python let me say that it is a very organic programming language that should bring happiness to all programmer that have been muddling with other scripting languages. Saying that let’s go back to business.

Because I changed from Telnet to SSH some things had to change. A new design frenzy ensued. And the result was as below.



Please click on the image above to see it more clearly.

So let my explain the above flow step by step.

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