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KSR10 Robotic arm programmed to follow big red squares using OpenCV

Hi, there. I know it has been a long time. But no worries I am back with a small project. I got my hands on a KSR10 . The KSR10 is a simple robotic arm that any 13 year old (or 13 year old at heart) can put together. The great part of it though is even though the manual says it has no support 64-bit computers you can easily find a Python library that does. Now you know all know how much I love writing in Python. Even a broken down computer and coming home tired from work could not stop me work on the project!

I strapped a simple web-cam on the robotic arm to make it 100 times cooler. Now the robotic arm follows faces and big red squares!! I used the OpenCV library for the project. Below you can find a nice little video;

The KSR10 doing awesome motion

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Summer Project “OpenIntelligentRobot” and Help Needed!

I’ve been mulling over an idea all winter. Trying to come up with different projects that could be done using Beagle-board and Arduino. The project is (you hear drum-roll here) “Building An Intelligent Robot”. I know it’s already been done however I have some additional ideas to put in project. All code will be open source. So if you want to build your own you could read up in this site.Oh and I really do need help. Especially financially. So if you are interested please drop me a line. My doodling is as below to give you an idea.