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Knowing when to fold ( i.e. SSH is better than Telnet )

You have probably seen my  previous post on connecting to Telnet through PHP although it was a novel idea I have just learned that (from a Novell site. No pun intended.) Telnet is very insecure!! To make things clearer Telnet usually creates connections as below;


Up here you can see a hacker can sniff the client-server connection and actually steal the user name and password sent by client. This really won’t do since if someone can spoof/hack/attack our embedded system which we will be adding to home appliances things may go awry. i.e. you will start seeing automated vacuum cleaners attacking your cat. ( Statistics show that H4X0Rz hate cats. )

Hence we can clearly see we need another way for the server and client to talk to each other. After some short Googling I am thinking of using SSH which is native to Linux/Unix based systems. Where the connection will be as below ;

SSH-client-server-encryptedAs you can see the SSH encryption creates a safer environment for the client and the server plus any DNS attacks and eavesdropping is clearly impossible. (if not probable.)

Henceforth a new PHP and Python (this time I will write the server+client in Python) shall be written. Please expect updates.

Connecting to PHP using telnet and sending data to the same port using Java

Hi there! Have been busy busy busy. What I needed was a way to the following;
Very Simple LayoutAbove you are looking at a very simple layout. ( Almost childishly simple ) The embedded device has Linux installed with a supposedly very light JVM ( Java Virtual Machine ) So if I am to send data to and from the server and display it to the user I have to do some scripting both in Java and in PHP. Let us first take a look at our universal Java-Socket program which basically opens and listens to a certain port (socket );

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