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Summer Project “OpenIntelligentRobot” and Help Needed!

I’ve been mulling over an idea all winter. Trying to come up with different projects that could be done using Beagle-board and Arduino. The project is (you hear drum-roll here) “Building An Intelligent Robot”. I know it’s already been done however I have some additional ideas to put in project. All code will be open source. So if you want to build your own you could read up in this site.Oh and I really do need help. Especially financially. So if you are interested please drop me a line. My doodling is as below to give you an idea.

Setting up a CVS server for the BlackBox project

Following the previous posts in this category you will notice that I was using Sourceforge.net as the code hosting. We had to change that because we really didn’t want to share every bit of code. ( A big sorry to open source developers. I am truly a sell out. ) So had to set up CVS server. Never done that before. Should probably add it to my CV. Anyways to business.

How to set up a CVS server using SSH :

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