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Setting up a CVS server for the BlackBox project

Following the previous posts in this category you will notice that I was using Sourceforge.net as the code hosting. We had to change that because we really didn’t want to share every bit of code. ( A big sorry to open source developers. I am truly a sell out. ) So had to set up CVS server. Never done that before. Should probably add it to my CV. Anyways to business.

How to set up a CVS server using SSH :

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Upgrading Fedora from 11 to 12


Have just upgraded my dual-boot (WindowsVista/Fedora 11) laptop (HP Compaq Presario CQ50). I simply downloaded an upgrade ISO from https://fedoraproject.org/get-fedora . Than burned it to a DVD. Started my Fedora 11 and updated it by calling in the command “yum update”. Restarted the laptop with the DVD in and voilĂ  I had my computer updated. Had some trouble with the household though because I was updating my desktop (WindowsXP/OpenSUSE) and my borrowed other laptop (Fedora 11) at the same time.

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