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Blinking lights MSP430 FG461x

Photo of two experimenter boards for the MSP43...

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I have been working on MSP430 for sometime now. It is an TI (Texas Instruments ) chip. Very fun to play with. We are using a MSP430FG461x series experimental board. This little experimental board has all the bells and whistles one may need to create any application from a home automation controller to a simple step-motor driver. TI provides very good documentation for this grown up toy.

Our first lab homework for this baby was :

By using the MSP430 FG4618 Microcontroller, write a program that controls the LED #1, #2,#4.When we perpetually push the two buttons at the right bottom corner of the board, all ofthe LEDs turn on.When we push perpetually one of the buttons, only the LED #4 blinks, the others turn off.When we push no buttons, the LED #1 and #2 blinks complementarily and the LED#4 turnsoff.

My biggest problem with this exercise was to find what led was connected to what port. However in the end I figured it all out.

Below you will find the program :



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Installing Ångström Linux on BeagleBoard

We have been able to install Ångström Linux to our beagle board. Ran into couple problems. The first one was we trusted BeagleBoard Beginners wiki just too much!!

You see we learned that we should NOT set any environment variables while using demo u-boot image which was downloaded from here. In fact what we did is we created our own Ångström image (from Ångström site) and simply installed that to our Linux partition of our SDHC card. And it worked beautifully. Though I must say first boot is a drag, very very slow.

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