Moving to Cleveland

Hi!┬áJust in case you haven’t heard I will be moving to Cleveland soon. I had a great time in Renko LTD., however it is time to leave. If no hiccups happen I will re-boot my life at American Greetings in Cleveland, OH.

American Greetings is a rather large almost family owned company. Its roots dating back to 1906.

It is an exciting time for me and my newly wedded wife of 6 months.

I really hope everything pans out.

Some background music for this post can be found below:

Have fun!

Jordan Second Trip

My second trip in Amman, Jordan. Was just able to upload photos after I cam back to Ankara. All in all is Jordan a place to go… Yes, if only you spend two days. One in Petra the second in Jerash. And that is it really. Oh, and you must also find a nice hotel to stay in. Wouldn’t recommend non-natives to go native.

Have fun!