For some reason I remembered my probability class back in the university. The class was fairly fun while also being an integral part of another un-fun class telecommunications. The calculation of the probability getting a straight in poker is being used in many ways in telecommunications. This brings another facet of playing cards doesn’t it? Playing cards can sometimes be fun.

I always thought that there should be smaller robots. We do have the technology. Look at your PDAs,IPhones and HTC model telephones. All are actually sophisticated computers. Why not use this technology to make smaller bots? And while making them smaller why not make the so they can move easily through. After all a cockroach can go to places where you would usually say “How in the hell did it get up there?”.


Fedora 11

Fedora. My first love in linux started with Fedora and now I realized this love was not because of some novelty. It was actually because it is easier to use.(As a developer.) So I simply installed Fedora 11 over Ubuntu 9.04 it worked like a charm tough I had to do couple of tweaks. The first tweak was the adding the recovery hard-disk of Vista to the boot menu. No problem there just a simple grub.conf editing was done as below ;


Yes, at last. Free of Blogger/Google. I won’t be blocked!! Thanks to Turkish blocking sites I have decided to carry EVERYTHING to my OWN host. And voila! What you see is what has happened.

I am using WordPress for people who are wondering and I know the theme is a little dark. But it is simple and I like simple.

And just to wet your appetites I shall post a tech related video.

POSTED BY: Anne-Marie Corley // Tue, October 13, 2009

[flashvideo file=videos/a_blob_walks.flv /]

This is by far one of the coolest and weirdest robot prototypes we at IEEE Spectrum have ever seen.
Meet iRobot’s soft, shape-shifting robot blob. It rolls around and changes shape, and it will be able to squeeze through tiny cracks in a wall when the project is finished.
(Skip the first 1:50 minutes of the video above to see the blob in action.)
Researchers from iRobot and the University of Chicago discussed their palm-sized soft robot, known as a chemical robot, or chembot, at IROS yesterday. It’s “the first demonstration of a completely soft, mobile robot using jamming as an enabling technology,” they write in a paper.