A pretty picture

Hi. Got to take a photo that I actually am proud of. I hope you like it.


IMG_0257.JPGIf you are viewing this in a link in a other than my own site you may not able to see the bigger picture. Please view this in my own site. (http://johnroach.info/2010/05/a-pretty-picture/)

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About John Roach

My name is John Roach. I am an electrical-electronics engineer that has specialized in software development. This website contains very few snippets of my code written for fun and/or work. The rest, sadly, probably, will never make it to this site. You can view my projects from the link http://johnroach.info/projects . I have also written two papers on home automation; “A Load Balancing Protocol for IP Based Pervasive Networks” – John Sefik Roach; Corresponding Author: Ali Ziya Alkar; Smart Computing Review, vol. 2, no.2, October 2012 On page(s): 338-347; DOI: 10.6029/smartcr.2012.05.008 “IP Based Home Automation System” – Alkar, A.Z.; Roach, J. ; Baysal, D.; Consumer Electronics, IEEE Transactions on November 2010 Issue:4 On page(s): 2201 – 2207 ISSN: 0098-3063

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