Interview Question

Just wanted to post an interview question I came across which might help those in need.

The task was : Use the language of your choice to write a program that reads a CSV file and outputs the contents of the file sorted by the “age” column.  Missing data should sort to the end.  Output should show all columns of data and may be sent to the console, an output file or a graphical interface at your discretion.

The csv file:  testdata.csv (140)

My answer to this question was to write a Python script that used Spinx as a document generator.

The code went something like this:

You can find all the files in a neat little rar in the link following; Reading CSV and Sorting Script Files (154)

Anyway hope you have fun with it!

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Ireland trip day 0 and morning 1

My business trip marathon has started. I will be traveling these next couple of months. I just simply wish that I had bought my ticket with a “Sky Miles Card” really. Would have gotten a free ticket to China or something.

My first leg of my business travel is to Ireland the “Emerald Isle” at first I thought the saying was mostly exaggerated. However as our plane approached the Dublin airport I could clearly see it was actually an understatement. For some reason I remembered the quote from the film “Death at a Funeral” (

Uncle Alfie: Everythings so fucking green.

If you haven’t watched the movie (the 2007 version) you should!

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